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Daily Archives: June 10th, 2018

Recent and ongoing tweets, media reports and ad hoc utterances from the “Commander in Cheese “(as per Kellyanne Conwoman) have given us all a rare insight into the mind of an out of control leader. It has been my opinion that TOTUS did not really want the job however once achieving it he found that it was not as easy as being a TV entertainer. The only fallback he has is be the entertainer he loves being. His minimally qualified advisors and counselors are concerned with not being on TOTUS’s list to be called out and have /will say anything to that end. With the neer do well Congress (Mitch and Paul) seeking only to survive mid terms and push agendas that will do more harm than good. There was a time when elected officials for the most part did the job they were elected to do and the exceptions were (crooks) fewer. In this era of BIG money donors (buyers of politicians), the true character of the weak elected has shown through. Mitch has had one ambition in all of time in the Congress and that is to be Senate Head, unfortunately he used race as his agent of change. Once Mr. Obama was elected and the political parties in charge changed Mr. McConnell’s stated that Mr. Obama would get nothing passed which has caused hardship for ALL Americans. Mr. McConnell and Mr. Ryan through their loyalty to party and big donors have effectively put ALL of us at risk while pointing at other people as the culprits unfortunately by the time some of us realize the lie, it is too late. The current cabinet composed of  miscreants and other neer do wells have again put us all at risk while kow towing to the leader with the flaming pants. The Resident has made conflation and outright lying an art form with his adherents relish each insane utterance. This administration has too many parallels to 1930 to 1944 Germany and it’s leader at that time. Complacency then and complacency now is why we have such  poor leadership. The Phrase” Lest we forget” is more important to remember now.


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