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Daily Archives: June 28th, 2018

This Presidency is different. First we have an entertainer in the Oval office. Aside from being a mediocre business man who made deals by threatening his deal partners and several times making commitments he never kept while allowing his business partners to go bankrupt while he lost nothing (this worked because Trump was selling Donald Trump and his name  while investing nothing). He has taken the same approach to his tenure so far in command. The “conservative” backers of all sorts have seen his election as a way to get what they want and to heck with the rest of us or anyone who has a different opinion. This forebodes bad things for most Americans including his base yet they (his base) are to enthralled with the entertainer to see the real issues and their long term effects. The neer do well Congress is using Trump as a hat to cover their nefarious deeds which again do not bide well for us. The Constitution provides for separation of State and religion but the “Conservative” Evangelists and others want to control the birth rate and other human activities (it seems) according to “their” interpretation of the  Bible (remember the Protestant Era of religious reformation of the 16th century) . This movement affects education, health and sometimes religion (Islam) all because they have a willing dupe in the White House who lives for adoration. The Titular “leader” of America at this time is no more than a pawn but feels he is a King due to the huge amount of smoke he ingests up his rear (possible THC laced?). If anyone of us really want to Make America Great, then we need to remove as many long  sitting Congressional members who validate Trump as we can and avoid the same traps as the strict “Conservatives” which is adoring a small man as if he were a giant. Types of Conservatives: Left leaning, right leaning and centrist, which are you?


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