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Daily Archives: November 13th, 2018

The after election purge begins. TOTUS is running the Trumpian method of improvement, That is to get rid of people who are not doing what he wants illegal or not to move his perceived idea of how things should work. This turn over leaves many voids as the replacements according to directions from the “Baby” will ignore what has been done and start fresh on the same old illegalities or suspect directions. This methodology is like examining  a ball to find a flat side. The Constitution is at play here since it is the basis of our Democracy and all laws grew out from it and its interpretation of those laws. To date the turnover in the White House has exceeded previous White House occupants. The chart below is as of Jan 16, 2018

It is no great stretch to think that the administration is doing so poorly and has so many miscreants doing what ever they want.


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The continued denials by a multitude of people from ordinary to extraordinary(?) of their personal beliefs always gives me pause. It has been shown that a persons beliefs are what they are until that person Changes or sees the “light”.

The list:

one  of My best friends is (name an ethnic group)

I love the (name an ethnic group)

You (they) are a credit to your (their) Race

They’re one of the good ones

Those people (name  an ethnic group) are lazy

They (name an ethnic group) bring neighborhood values down

Apply this to the current administration and perhaps parts of Congress. Where don we go from here?


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Unfortunately the Neer do well Senate is  still controlled by the highly partisan GOP. No matter what B***h McConnell says, he will never be partisan as he has not done so in the past. The Turtle is doing what he done throughout his political career and that is take care of himself which includes lying, changing with the winds as it suits him. The existing problem (ongoing) is that the GOP under Trump has generated more liars which directly affects all of us. This administration has given the worst public servants in decades and these choices are and have been abetted by  the partisan GOP      (Dupublicans). Increasingly the Congress has become the silent majority much like Vichy France in WWII and the outcome could be similar.


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