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Daily Archives: November 28th, 2018

The advent of social media and it’s accessibility to most people has brought a little known segment of the population to the fore. These segments are the trolls who vent their frustrations on numerous sites from opinion pages to dating apps. These are the folks who use their limited knowledge in some cases to attack others rather than have participate in a knowledgeable discussion of the subject. Learning is lifelong if one takes the time to look around and investigate anything that is different. I recently saw a little blurb where someone suggested that a person on a dating app “straighten her hair”. This little quip is the work of a troll who plainly has their own opinions but that opinion does not include commenting on how someone wears their hair. If the Troll did not like that persons hair then the correct course is to move on to someone who meets their ideal look. Even with that standard being met the troll may soon find other issues to comment about. Folks who troll should be grateful that they have the ability to voice their opinion without being arrested but just being called on their opinions. Many Trolls troll for the sake of trolling and have no further agenda than that but at the same time gain nothing from the act of trolling. The current resident of the White House is a master troll and to the detriment of us all. His constant tweets while exciting his base does nothing for the progress of our country and that should be his prime objective. What has really occurred is that he has elevated ignorance to the highest office in the nation. This fact has been recognized by the mainstream media and our European allies while being exploited by his associates, White House staff and our dubious allies in the world. It should not a surprise that there have been an uptick in “hate “crimes, “hate” speech and rhetoric from the radical left and right, none of which is good for any of us. It is clear that trolls are out there and working everyday to disrupt and corrupt whenever and wherever possible, look at the last few elections.


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