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Currently our National state is infected with a division fueled by racism, ignorance and nationalism not seen in decades. To some of us these contributing factors have always been there in some form but with the arrival of TOTUS they have become mainstream. Out political parties have divided in such a way as to put our way of life in jeopardy due to the maintenance of neer do wells in the Congress. TOTUS did not create these events alone as he is merely a means to an end and a cover for their personal agendas. It is unfortunate that the phrase “Honest Politician” is more of an oxymoron than ever but it is truer than ever. The correction is apparent and that does not mean impeachment as that is a fight that is time consuming and impractical. If the “true” representatives of the people want to get back on track then the direction is forward  with proper legislation and continuing investigation of improprieties that affect us all. The squeaky wheel gets the grease but doesn’t move us ahead any faster. Correction involves a joint effort by  voters and their representatives with no lip service (promises that will be broken (lies). This administration will not change as it takes information to do so and this administration along with its advisors is woefully underinformed. It is now up to the “newly” elected members of Congress to don the mantle of rationality mixed with the wisdom of the existing members to move us toward a “TOTUS” correction now and post TOTUS.


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