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TOTUS again has tried to shift blame for the shutdown to someone else after stating on National Television that he would and was willing to accept the blame for the Government shutdown. Even though the current “Paul Ryan House” added his dubious 5 billion to the spending bill the shutdown proceeds. Congress is unwilling to move forward with this abomination of a spending plan. TOTUS has blamed everyone but himself (as usual) and that stoppage was followed by the high court (which TOTUS had hoped to stack with pro Trumpers) has delivered another defeat on immigration. This illegal attempt at supplanting existing United States immigration law with his own (or Mr. Miller’s) version has failed as will many of the suspicious “Trump decrees” we have seen and his lick spittle cabinet minions have enforced or attempted to enforce to please the “Pecksniffian” demands of their boss. To paraphrase a movie phrase:” what we have here is a failure to communicate”. In the end his loyal base will be all that TOTUS has to back him since it seems that the radical right (Coulter and Limbaugh) have slammed him in recent times. As usual the “already Great Americans” have began to overtake the more radical left and right elements. We have to begin with the long serving Congress and elect people who are for ALL Americans and who follow the “real” American dream. Remember term limits begin in the voting booth.


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