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Dr. Chaos is not a Marvel or DC character. Dr. Chaos is the current resident of the Oval office (or hiding under the resolute desk). Several of his staunch supporters from Fox and friends to (gasp) Rush Lamebrain and Ann Coulter have bashed TOTUS over withdrawal from Syria and the resignation of Secretary of Scry Mattis. Apparently the major reason behind these two far righties outcries are the potential of the Democrats to take over the government and circumvent the Far right plan to usurp the government in their names not in the name of the people. This is all about the Chaos the TOTUS loves and thrives in while all else fails around him. Mr. Resident’s past speaks for it self, failed marriages, failed businesses and misadventures that follow him like the stench of a skunk roadkill. The revolving door politics of this administration is historic and detrimental to us all and our long time allies. In search of praise (not approval) TOTUS has denied medical care to coal miners and others  by way of weakening the ACA, passing a dubious Tax act and ignoring climate change. The way to correct Chaos is order and we the voters are the providers of order by way of smart voting and the willingness to contact currently elected members of Government from local to Federal.


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