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There will be new people in Congress and despite their “fiery” rhetoric we may get some good things done or started. My OPINION: we as voters need to gather as much information on the “newbies” as we can and be prepared to email, write and call when required. There is no greater mistake than assuming they will do what they stated they would do. You have to remember that the old timers in Congress still are interested in themselves and their big dollar backers. To break this cycle we all need to keep up with what happens and not fall into the trap of “they” will take care of us. Our care and well being begins with us and our knowledge of what our elected representatives do and will do. Liars never profit unless we allow them to. We will only have  the ongoing tweetstorm and the streaming lies to contend with until 2020 (we hope), thereafter the GOP (Dupublicans) and their minions aka Faux news will have to stand up or stand down. Our only purpose is to vote with intelligence no matter what the campaign rhetoric is or will be.


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