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We will build a great beautiful wall and Mexico, oops the United States Voters will pay for it! The “wall” has become a battle cry for TOTUS but now he wants American citizens to pay for it. Add this reversal (aka lie) to the over 6000 uttered by TOTUS from day One of his Residency (not to mention the stream prior to his election). With all of the “misstatements” , reversals and just outright lies how can anyone support him? His base apparently likes being lied to, promised healthcare which he attempted to gut and has managed to make it harder to get by shortening the sign up period. Notwithstanding the fact that black lung disease is still on the rise due to coal mining the thin coal seams which in the digging process produces quartz dust leading to black lung disease for some who have less healthcare available to them. Now the EPA is attempting to rollback restrictions on Mercury emissions in the air from power plants. This airborne poison is not only inhaled but we also eat it due to its deposition in the water ways where our fish come from along with the die off of those fish and the  coral reefs where the fish live. Back to the “wall”, where is the Senate majority leader “Bitch” McConnell in all of this? nowhere to be seen or heard from! Is he afraid of TOTUS or trying to keep the job he has sought for all of his 30 years in office and now  can’t seem to take care of the “American People” who he so fond of quoting. Action required- vote with intelligence in 2020.


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