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The two years of TOTUS has made a mockery of the United States across the world. If some of us feel that it doesn’t matter then you are wrong! No matter what TOTUS says (most of which is hyperbole and lies or alternate facts if you prefer) he has no idea how to lead a country. His business acumen is greatly suspect as shown by reports of his bankruptcies and the business bodies left in his wake. His foreign business deals are equally suspect and in some cases could be construed as treason or at the least quasi legal. This shutdown fomented by ignorance and disinformation is his way of making deals. It is furthered by party politics which is divided along party lines by Congressional members who are afraid of criticism from the “child” rather than doing the work they were elected to do by the often cited “American people”. It is well to note that these long serving Congressional members have for the past 10 years restricted any legislation that would serve the people by offering alternative facts rather than serving in an honorable manner. The current shutdown does not affect the salaries of the Congress due to a law enacted by the Congress along with their exemption from the ACA while changing it for the rest of us in the worst ways. If you ascribe to one political party or another without paying close attention to both then we (as a nation) will continue to have poor governance as we are experiencing now. Voters need to step up, get informed and take back control of the government, this make sound impossible but that’s what voting is for!


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