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The ongoing political drama is more than food for thought, it is more like food to gag on. We have extreme to moderate congressional members on both sides yet we can’t seem to get past the leaders(?). We should already know that TOTUS is a child seeking approval so the grownups should take the lead. Unfortunately the long time members of Congress rather than use their knowledge to move us forward, they appear to be out for revenge and that revenge comes at a high price. That price is the well being and health of the often cited “American People”. There are multiple solutions offered to the shutdown and the associated issues around it however the “child” and the so called grownups cannot seem to get beyond their own self interests. “Bitch” keeps his head down to seemingly avoid criticism while allowing  TOTUS to continue his whining ways. Flip flop Graham seems to have no idea where to lay his head. The recent Scamocratic win has brought us no closer to a solution since there appears to be no cohesive thoughts about anything of value much like the Dupublicans. In the background you have the “goaders” of TOTUS on Faux news poking him on national TV. Thank you Ann and Sean! As voters we should talk about what we want as a collective and leave the politics to the politrickers while we decipher their nonsense in order to vote with intelligence, as the old saying goes” if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!


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