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“No man, for any considerable period of time, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the truth.” *Nathaniel Hawthorne*

It is now well documented that our Commander in Thief is an inveterate liar and has a staff of purveyors of his ill advised and patently false statements. It is no longer practical to say TOTUS misspoke or TOTUS meant something other than what he has stated. We are in the grips of a news cycle that has pitted “real” news against the “entertainment” news that TOTUS prefers to believe since it serves his purpose. The “resident” seeks glory in the face of serious problems, affirmation in the face of information that contradicts his statements and has consistently attacked allies who in their roles as such know more about word affairs and their links between them. The one “ally” that has skated is Russia who is a major bad actor on the world stage. It is unfortunate that his “base” is unable see beyond his “reality show” rhetoric and actions since all of the poor decisions made by this administration affects them as well as the rest of the country. In plain words our current administration from top to bottom is comprised of radical thinkers whose sole objective is to further agendas that serve them and TOTUS at the detriment of the entire United States while being aided and abetted by the neer do well Congress.


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