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It appears that politics has never been a clean business. It is evident that the holders of power are reluctant and often refuse to give that power up. This resistance takes many forms as in current times, it is evidenced by the coded wording of some speeches. These codes are called “dog whistles” and Euphemisms. These are used on all sides and in many industries but the use is more evident in politics to sway public opinion. The major parties have allowed themselves to be reduced to alley fighters by the lack of integrity (which has always been suspect) of their leaders.   As always it IS the will of the people that gets people elected unfortunately, the will is often colored by these dog whistles and euphemisms.  Each party when in power follows the same process of punishing the previous administration and legislature with hearings and lawsuits. This “get even strategy ” is at once dangerous and detrimental to democracy as we think it should be. The course of action for voters should be a deep dive into all any and all candidates (new and old) ignoring the party association and party platforms. This examination by voters requires reading (a lot) but is well worth it to get better government by way of better representatives in office.


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