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Examining the daily news around the web and in print, it is clear that our government is filled with entrenched Taradiddles and fabulists. There is little truth to be gained without a broad examination of ALL of the “news” of the day, yesterday and even speculation about tomorrows events along with that coverage. The current administration has elevated the art of  Politispeak, subterfuge and outright lying to an art form. TOTUS is leading the nation by lying and compounding those lies 140 characters at a time. His “chosen” aides have picked up the slack by continuing and adding to those lies ad finitum at every opportunity. This administration is following a leader who has been dishonest for most of his life and depends on chaos to rule. The economy’s continued growth was started years ago and has moved forward in spite of the mishandling of the economy, foreign and national affairs. What will happen eventually is a collapse of the economy or at least a slow down due to ill-placed tariffs with no basis in fact for their application! This slow down which is starting appear will affect all of us including his avid supporters (who seem to be happy to ignore the connection for the sake of entertainment). With the upcoming election, there is the opportunity to begin a clean-up of the messes made by this administration and we already have assistance in place for that cleanup in the form of our long-time allies who will willingly help to correct the course we are are now. For the entrenched “Trumpofiles” the next president will be assailed but they may never recognize the gains made immediately with the ouster of this administration.


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