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The past 10 years have shown that we as a country are allowing idiots to run our government. This has been highlighted by the election of TOTUS. The two main political parties have failed to do their jobs by abandoning the “bipartisan “method of governing. We as voters have allowed and gone along with their inept and deceitful operations by keeping them in office in spite of the facts that show them up for their poor judgements. Politicians have always been self serving but the seat fillers we now have brought Government service to a new low. It appears that they would rather lie to us than be honest about  what they are doing and allowing some public discourse. What we get now are sound bites, buzzwords and dog whistles that raise our hackles rather than inform. It is in our interest to look askance at our lawmakers and  take a skeptical view of their words and actions. Personally I believe they all go in with good intentions but fall victim to the power of corruption that appears to be a slippery slope with rewards for themselves at the end. It is well to remember that in This country, we are the bosses and our votes are the power we have to get good government. If we do not exercise that power with intelligence, then we get the current administration whom we pay to do a poor job.

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