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The large number of candidates seeking the nomination to run for President and other offices is at best confusing as the messages are so varied that it is difficult to get a general theme. There appears to be ” the chicken in every pot” statement by every aspirant which promises prosperity with no substantial background information about the how of it. It appears that election season has become more of a “dog & pony” show than debates about facts. How do we decide who is the most qualified or acceptable? With the current administration as a template, it appears to me that anyone with reasonable grasp of world affairs and how government works is a better choice. The bigger issue is term limiting Congress  by the vote as we cannot expect these seat fillers to regulate themselves. Essentially being a member of Congress is the proverbial “free lunch”. The question becomes” who is acceptable”? Our politics have become more entertainment than substance since the truth becomes unrecognizable on air due to mass media coverage and outlet management policies and politics. Acceptability is as in beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. There is no greater task than voting and it is serious enough that time is required to get the facts about candidates and a decent understanding of how the government is supposed to work compared to how it is currently working. The working thought should be that there was an opportunity missed by the existing  Congress to address the migrant crisis but that was subverted by the “Tea Party” and TOTUS has in his inimitable fashion ignored history while trying to make his own self serving version. The question is: “who is acceptable?”. The answer is anyone who is more moderate and has a firm grasp on the issues regardless of the entertainment value or lack of. Campaigning is different from serving and the two never meet without a bridge.


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