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Apparently, each majority party wants to be the party of the people and do not know how to do it. Listening to the two hearings with Mr. Mueller testifying, it became clear that these two events were no more than political theater. This all concocted by elected officials on both sides. With an election coming, each majority party is entrenched in their political beliefs rather what is good for ALL VOTERS no matter what party they associate themselves with. It is unsustainable to relegate yourself to a party or any particular label as that affiliation only serves to limit your ability to see the larger snapshot of what we as a country should and could be. No matter what errors were made by the founders as far as Race, religion or country of origin, we now have one of the best Countries in the known world. Why are we the best in spite of the past 60 years of  “civil rights, individual rights and states right” being objects of conflict? It is simple, we can voice our objections without fear of being arrested or killed (most of the time). The only issue we currently have is that we have taken our eyes off the political ball and blindly followed the lead (however dubious) of our elected representatives who have their own agendas which obviously is not the same as ours. The Mueller report hearings have shown that neither side cares about the voters just votes and their focus is not broad enough to reach even the least educated of us all so the understanding of the report is clear. The current administration spends more time trash-talking and splitting us up politically and racially rather than really making us great (not again since we were doing fine until the 2016 election). Bottom line: vote for people who are for us and not themselves. Keep in mind that any and all members of Congress who do not or will not openly speak out against the injustices that affect us all is not the persosn we want to represent us.


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