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Today I met someone who took exception to the idea that TOTUS is not a liar. I was moved to silence because at that moment I realized that this person will always be a staunch Republican no matter what. This person is the type who firmly believes that all conservatives are correct and at the same time wants to deny any wrongdoing in the border crisis but has married an immigrant and experienced all of the work involved in the immigration process so what is it in the human brain that blocks out the wrongdoing of our elected officials? This is a disconnect that TOTUS has used to further his own ends, not the ends and well being of the ALL voters in America and it’s territories. It is easy to stomp on someone else’s beliefs but not as easy to take an informed look at those differing opinions and understand that often the two are not much different in the goals and underlying basis. The many subsets of political wings all seem to have the goal of a better America but on their own terms with no thought as to the effect that will result for all- no matter the political differences. Under the umbrella of TOTUS, his supporters have become pawns of a master manipulator whose policies will have a greater effect on ALL citizens not just the those who oppose those policies. At the end of this administration, we will have been put in a subordinate position on the world stage making it hard to deal with those bad actors with the united front of Nato. meanwhile, the hard-line GOP in the senate and the house have united behind a failed and failing administration that has given us trillion-dollar deficit spending but not much to show for it in benefit for the voters (who have to pay for it). Moving forward we (voters) have one solution and that is to vote these bozo’s out. Forget party line, forget what the candidates and aspirants say in public, simply remember there are falsehoods spread on both sides and their aim is to stay in office and retire rich.


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