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Apparently, the DNC and it’s aspiring candidates for President haven’t figured out how to beat TOTUS. Aside from begging for money and pointless debates (20 plus people?-ridiculous!), there is NO party line that grabs attention. TOTUS aka os
calcaribus (bone spurs) is on definitive search and destroy by being a bully, lying and name-calling. The way to combat it is giving back, there is no better reaction to a bully than standing up. It may be under ordinary circumstances smart to go high when they go low but not now. Bully the bully by using a higher quality of insults and naming his cohorts such as “Moscow Mitch”, “Manipulating Mnuchin”, “Madman Mulvaney” or “Bulldog Barr”. I see no reason to donate to wimps who cannot conjure up a cohesive theme for their election run. In a simplistic fashion, there has to be a basic theme even in the debates regardless of the individual ideas presented by each aspirant. The Dupublicans are United even when they don’t like each other and they all follow a basic theme, perhaps the Scamocrats can do the same.


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