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Apparently, TOTUS along with his administrative staff keep feeding the “kool-aid” of righteousness to their avid followers. This past week has shown that TOTUS’ staff is trying to tie his tongue. The carefully crafted speech decrying Racism and violence is so out of character as to be comedic n but ni funny. The body language during this contrived speech indicates his discomfort giving a structured speech, he fidgets while holding the podium as to look in control. The reality is that he is projecting his role in all of this onto someone and something else. Within the next few days to a week all of this pseudo concern will be gone as he goes off on another “rally” promoting his dubious accomplishments. His administration has left us almost alone in the wider world with his ill-informed and poorly advised policies. A well-founded policy of assistance to South and Central America would certainly help to stem the flow of migrants fleeing corruption, crime, and death but TOTUS can’t get past his own Racism aided and abetted by his staff and the Senate leadership. Essentially his past speech was no more than a poor attempt to gain some political capital. There are no good policies coming out this administration and the what is being done will hurt us now and in the future, as someone has to correct them. The way forward is the vote and vote again if whoever is elected fails to make the necessary changes required to bring us back to civility and dignity.


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