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The Nationalists who are pushing for immigration reform, sending people back to their country of origin seem to have forgotten that people of color were here (United States) before the Europeans arrived with diseases, firearms and the trampling of the rights of the indigenous people. If and when those injustices are addressed there can be no peace with the so-called “MAGA”, White Supremacists and indeed racist groups who essentially stole what is now America from the Native tribes who were here centuries before Europeans arrive and thrived before  Euro-trash brought diseases that decimated whole tribes. As far as the ” go back where you came from” trope, it can honestly be said that the Americans (nee indigenous peoples) have more right to demand that nonindigenous people return to their country of birth than TOTUS and his miscreant followers. If indeed everyone who ancestrally and by birth are from another country left, where would this nation be? So the question: “Whose Country is it- Really”?


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