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The race is on for the Presidency ( soul) of the UNITED States. The current officeholder has been emboldened by the die-hard supporters at his rallies which have been nonstop since 2016.  The actual work of the office has been handled by his crew of miscreants whose sole objective is to interpret the ideas of a Conman who is not much more than a Carnival barker with an egomaniacal streak. The GOP has succumbed to the idea of staying in office at any cost while ignoring their own core policies of 10 plus years ago. This is not letting the Scamocrats off the hook as they have also moved in a direction that has not done that well for us either. It is time (and a half) past when we need to agree to disagree on where and what the government does in our names. Our sole objective needs to be electing more rational representatives who can look at the issues and make decisions that benefit ALL Americans without the skewing effects of big money and extreme groups of all sorts. Neither major political party currently has no real plans of action as a collective so cannot (or will not) legislate any worthwhile policies that move us forward instead of sideways and backward. It is well to remember that no matter who’s the President, it is Congress that makes and enacts legislation, approves cabinet members and Judges. If these choices are poor then the results are poor for us. Our lack of engagement is why we still have a core of neer do well legislators who do nothing or do even their nothingness wrong! We definitely need a better qualified or better-informed Resident in the Oval office but we need to start with Congress. Vote don’t mope!


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