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Daily Archives: October 22nd, 2019

The current issues involving  Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Syria and the Kurds have one commonality and that is TOTUS. The “Trump Organization” with all of its components and arms has always been a one man show. Unfortunately, the United States Government does not operate this way. The government has separate branches so that there will not be a one man show. With all of the party politics involved, the government still in practice continues to function. Our purpose as voters is simply to evaluate the candidates for office and make the best decision we can. It is unfortunate that mass media has made the choices a bit tougher to decipher which leads us to an assortment of other outlets for information whether it is true or force. Our present “leaders” are at once staunch party members and independent depending on the issues. There is no doubt that TOTUS is guilty of all or most of the allegations against him so where are the “upright’ citizens and members of Congress who want as honest a government as we can muster?  When the dust settles on all of this we will have alienated our most reliable allies and partners, uplifted our longtime foes and allowed the deaths of civilians by withdrawing troops with no plan. It is wise to look at the countries involved in the middle east conflict: Turkey who as the host country for one of our bases has received Russian made military hardware over our objections and pursuing the Kurds (our allies in the ISIS defeat) as enemies. This pursuit into Syria now brings Syria and Russia into yet another conflict which we will eventually have to make a decision to join or assist. All of this on an underlying bed of  Saudi, Iranian and Israeli tensions. The uninformed hand of TOTUS holds the spoon stirring it all and will throw up his little hands when it all goes south!


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