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The current coverage of “impeachment” has taken up a lot of time however the real story is the partisanship involved. It must be pointed out that the Dupublicans have the Senate and the Scamocrats have the house. The house proposes and writes bills that are then sent to the Senate. Currently, the Senate aka Botch McConnell has taken none of them up for votes, these are bills that help regulate our healthcare, our finance, and our education, in other words, the taxes we pay are not being used to help us (citizens of either party). What is happening is that the Majority Party in the Senate is installing extreme and unqualified Judges to lifetime appointments that will “haunt” our courts for years to come. All of this under the cover of an unconventional and unqualified President. In essence, the Senate or “Moscow  Mitch” is doing what he wants in our names and attempting to make us believe it is for our own good. This is a good example of demagoguery and we are now and will continue to suffer because of it. Our option as always is to educate ourselves on the activities of our Congress and pay less attention to the Headliner (TOTUS) as he is doing what he always does and will continue to do- Rant and rage with no facts to back him up. This has been his lifetime pattern and will continue when he out of office. Meanwhile, Congress is busily building a nightmare judiciary on our behalf.


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