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President “Bone Spurs” has again created a problem and is trying to correct it with another bad decision. This is more about taking the focus off of impeachment than an Iranian issue. His crew of miscreant “yessers” are seeking only to bolster support from his core supporters and to keep the “in Trump’s pocket” Senate on board. If you take the time to examine that voluminous statement by TOTUS during the Obama administration, you will find that TOTUS with the tacit “OK” from the Dupublicans is doing what he criticized the previous administration for doing or not doing. Apparently, TOTUS is still in the mindset that running a country is like running a company. His  “deal-making” as President is not even the same “ballpark” as negotiating with foreign countries. When the smoke clears I am hoping that folks who voted for TOTUS understand the damage he has done to the country as a whole and the coincidental damage done to our long-time allies. It is all well and good to have a separate opinion of TOTUS and his dealings but we should look at the long-range effect his off the cuff policies and actions will have for a long time to come. I have heard from some folks who voted for TOTUS, that “he has done what he said he would do” even if it’s wrong and harmful to us all. Within the administration, there is a definitive “failure to communicate” as evidenced by the differing statements by the Defense Secretary regarding the drone strike on Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani. In my considered opinion “Bone Spurs” has no stomach for war but can voice poorly conceived opinions and ideas that are supported by his staff of administrative “Yessers” and a neer-do-well Congress.


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