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One of the most popular daytime shows is Jerry Springer, this is a show where people are paid to come and air their dirty laundry in front of a live audience. This airing invariably results in two or more folks punching one another, pulling hair and ripping clothing. The audience is so caught up in this that they are encouraged to shout “jerry, jerry” until silenced by the showrunners. I have dubbed some Trumpers as Jerry People in that they are in the game for the entertainment, not the truth. No matter what you think you know, you don’t know the half of what is going on in this administration, aided and abetted by the Congress. All of the actions by TOTUS and his cohorts are geared to his (TOTUS) aggrandizement. The upside ( for his supporters) is “he doing what he said he would do”, the downside is the long-lasting harm done now and later due to these uninformed and self-serving actions. The tariffs were espoused as damaging for China and we (the USA) would be the winners, upon close examination that latter is a false claim. United States farmers and producers (especially metal importers) have borne the brunt of these tariffs and the retaliatory tariffs along with the drop in exports due to tariffs. Now that more facts are known about the “Ukraine” deal, it plain to see that TOTUS has no other objective beyond his own needs and wants. Each person can decide for themselves who they support but bear in mind what your support may bring if you do not vet the people you support to represent you. Too long in office may bring poor results no matter the party.


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