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We as voters, citizens and people have always felt guarded when listening to political speeches and utterances from ALL elected officials until now. TOTUS has made “his” segment of the population receptive to lies and foundationally flawed statements as fact. It is demonstrated daily by the actions of his cabinet ministers, his aides, the Justice department he has assembled and now the legal team in his impeachment trial. The outcome has  already been stated by ” Botch” McConnell so it has been merely an overt exercise in Governmental malfeasance which serves to cover the misdeeds of the majority party. This is not knock on what people believe but more on what information is given as fact in order to alter what people believe. Mass media and
instant” news has made facts in some cases an afterthought which is then put aside while the “alternate facts” (or lies) come off as true facts. We should evaluate all information as truth or fact with the ears and eyes of  someone receiving a come on by a con game. There are dozens of quotes and statements that sum up how we show evaluate the information we receive, here are just a couple:

Caveat Emptor,  All that glisters is not gold ( Shakespeare- Merchant of Venice).It must be remembered that early 1900’s there was the Ponzi scheme ,exactly what Bernie Madoff did in recent times.

The bottom line here is: Reality shows are not real as indicated by the name “shows” and what we have now passing as government is a “Reality Show”, administered by an inept puppet master whose strings are always tangled.


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