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This long process of hearings on the impeachment of TOTUS has many of divided as to guilt or innocence. We have been listening to lawyers and law professors talk for days with no real new information. We should already know that our current administration and it’s leader are untruthful to corrupt in their actions and activities in the larger world. This administration abetted by a deeply flawed Congress has brought us to this divisive state. If you have been paying attention you will realize that the actions of this administration will be with us for years to come. If you put Ukraine aside, consider the following:

Tax Reform that has benefited corporations and the top 1% of earners not the middle and lower class earners (a majority of voters). TOTUS is a corporate entity and 1% who benefited.

Rollback of EPA rules for water and air pollution

Cessation of aide to the Palestinians while advancing the programs of the Israeli’s through the work of his son in law.

Catastrophic decision to pull out of the Paris Climate accord.

Misdirected decision to pull out of Nuclear deal with Iran and impose crippling sanctions on Iran.

Poor decision to take military funding to build an ill conceived border wall which in some cases involved taking private land and placing the wall a mile inside the actual border.

Coercing another country to  stop immigrants from coming to the Southern border.

This just name a few items that will have long range effects on us (United States) and out allies.

Question: do we want another four  years of malfeasance and downward spiral of our national integrity. Answer: new Congress and new President.


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