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If you believe TOTUS is above the law and innocent, please do not read this! The Senate will acquit TOTUS and he will continue to run this country into the ground much like he  did with his Casino (a business that so far has never gone belly up-Las Vegas appears t be working well). The Neer do well Congress is aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise by backing his play. Now we . the voters have an opportunity to correct this failed administration by changing the Congressional members and the President. If you think the current administration is doing a good job perhaps you would like to buy some property on the Southern Border (wall included). Running a country or company is not entertainment and if rallies and fund raising with insults and lies as the main themes then perhaps you are happy with the current administration and I dub you “JSP”. “JSP” is what I call seekers of entertainment at the expense of others-(JSP means “Jerry Springer people”). The time that TOTUS has spent in self promotion while degrading the economy and our standing in the world would be better spent on the health and welfare of this country and the collective collaboration with our long time allies to affect a better United States. Our Opportunities to do better went out when “Botch McConnell” and his cohorts assumed control of the Senate, this is the same man who stated” this President will get nothing passed” when Obama was President. Now “Botch” and his minions have set us on a path that will take years to correct but first step is to remove the deadwood from the legislature and the White House.


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