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Schnapsidee literally means a “booze idea” and is a term commonly used to indicate that an idea sounds crazy, useless, or completely foolish. However, most of the time Germans use the word even when they know there was no alcohol involved in someone’s outlandish idea.Sep 26, 2016

When I ran across this word and it’s definition this morning it reminded me of the current administration, its actions and activities, which have been aided and abetted by a Neer do well Congress. This idea is further exacerbated by the on going impeachment trial and its long predicted ending (Thanks to “Botch” McConnell et al). If we are to continue as a  world leader and an aspiration to the world leaders (as we have been for years) we need to consider whether we want go through an additional 4 years of extreme government that benefits the ( self serving) wealthy, while beguiling the lower earners with false and misleading statements about their well being that will improve according to the “SCHNAPSIDEEAN” pronouncements and executive orders that will take many years to correct after the damage is done. It is quite possible that some if not all of our close allies view the TOTUS twitter feed as Schnapsidee rather than policy and potentially wonder about cutting their losses rather than support the idiosyncrasies of a child.


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