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While reading an assortment of articles and viewing clips of interviews where the subject was the impeachment trial. I have come to see that many voters have no real idea of the truth of the charges and even less comprehension of the facts. Some have stated that they “read” the transcripts but admitted that they did not personally read the transcripts but listened to some who “said”(politicians) they read the transcripts. There was one interviewee who stated”there was no quid pro crow”. The information issued and understood can be likened to spilling ink on a cloth, very hard to remove! What this shows me is “entertainment has more power than facts”. TOTUS and his Hench people hold more sway than the truth (which supposedly will set you free). The ability to persuade voters with entertaining “stories” and name calling  creates a cover for the real facts which will over time and immediately affect all of us in negative ways. We currently have a deeply stained Congress which has created long term problems for us by backing a misguided demigod with no penchant for anything that does not benefit him. This stain will reach us all if we do not educate ourselves in facts and begin to elect better representatives with the idea of replacing them as often as needed to get the type of Government envisioned over 200 years ago. The days that party politics worked is over and the electorate needs to again ascend as the real power behind the Government.


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