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Ongoing Trumpedations will ultimately bite us all in the rear. The great outpouring of support(?) and seeming adoration at TOTUS rallies appeal to some (quantity unknown) is in reality a wake up call for all of us. While there is staunch support for the current “criminal in chief” it is well to remember that this house of cards will come crashing down like several of his business ventures and the the failed casino. The recent commutations of convicted criminals is a small piece of the Corrupt enterprise that is this administration. It is less important that the Liar in chief is committing criminal acts daily than the Neer do well Congress is aiding and abetting by allowing it to happen. If you are entertained by the antics of this “Child” then you should probably prepare for the ongoing attrition rate of competent members of government. This November is an opportunity to elect competent representatives to replace the current seat fillers who have failed us over the past 15 plus years no matter which party you support. The only term limits we have are the voters who are well informed.


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