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Hey Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins and Rob Portman, do you think TOTUS has learned his lesson and will do better now? Right now TOTUS is purging his administration of good public servants who only want to serve the country in the best possible way. The standard of removal is whether they are loyal (to a fault) to the President. The liar in chief wants his administration to follow his lead in that respect. This is a quasi dictatorship in the making and the cure is the voters installing a Congress that works for us (the voters) not a vindictive little child who has no qualms about ruining our country for his own purposes. Even Darth Vader realized the Emperor was evil and did something about it, though I doubt TOTUS will rise from the defeat in the upcoming election. It is our duty to elect a Congress that works for us not the President and a President that works for us not him or her self. Governing is not an entertainment show and should not be treated as such. You can laugh and guffaw all you want when TOTUS ridicules people and makes poor decisions on public and foreign policy but in the end it falls on the backs of ALL Americans.It is well to remember every action taken by this administration will touch all of us (American Voters) from the richest to the poorest at some point.


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  1. The Treason and Corruption in this administration is one for the record books.


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