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The EPA under TOTUS (Trump) is being gutted, the scientists who once provided the science behind climate science and its affects as well as the effects of commercial oil and gas exploration on protected Government lands have all been replaced by the very people who are seeking to exploit those lands. The “business man” who so many of his base supporters voted is doing business as he has always done -to his benefit alone. His loyal supporters have not been convinced of how dangerous he is. Now that the neer do well Congress has essentially set him free, the real TRUMP will emerge and as always with Tyrannical despots the people will suffer for it. We (all of us) have an opportunity to stop him with our vote and at the same time make big changes in the Congress that currently supports him. There is no better country than ours and we have handed it over to a miscreant manager with no appreciable skills beyond the constant stream of lies and deceit flowing from the bowels of our White House. For all of the reasons Trump supporters voted for him are the same reasons we need to vote him out. I am reminded of a quote from Edmund Burke (1796-1860 ) “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”. WE are currently approaching a dangerous time if TOTUS gets a second term.


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