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We are challenged by the ongoing Twitter Governance of this administration and still the beat goes on

If you were not aware, we are in the grip of possibly the worst administration in our history so far. We have a self described “billionaire” as president who is so entrenched in personal gain as to gouge the taxpayers for his expenses at his personally owned hotels. His lack of knowledge in so many areas ranges from A to Z and is abetted by a neer do well Congress and boot licking lackeys aka Cabinet ministers. When the smoke clears it will be apparent to his followers that the cliff is near and it may not be possible for them to avoid going over and possibly taking us  (voters) with them. The change brought about by TOTUS has served to show us how poorly we have been represented by our elected Congress. If we as voters do not end this administration and make changes in Congress in November, we will be in for 4 more years of downward spiral. There are no more clearer signs of the downward slide than the failed Impeachment, the twitter diplomacy and the revolving door of administration personnel. There is no stability in the current administration and there will not be any if the status quo does not change. The latest Faux administrative action is denial , then lackluster action on the health issue associated with the Corona virus. The only cure for this administration is removal along with as many neer do wells as possible.


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