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It is apparent that our expectations of this administrations ability have been met. We have arrived at a lower point than we imagined. TOTUS has dismantled many programs that provided us with the ability to address climate change, health issues (coronavirus) and the ravages of financial mismanagement and predatory practices. We are now in the grips of a health crisis which was dismissed by TOTUS (like anything he deems colors his image). As I have written before: “Dude, it is not about you!”. Until we (voters) pull the plug, this miscreant behavior will continue to push us downwards as a country. Except for those who support him through ignorance or their own personal gain, there is no broad support for this administration. Political parties are as much a part of this debacle as TOTUS as they have allowed them selves to be split over whats good for the voters or their re election. TOTUS has shown his ineptitude since day one of his residency amid the cheers of folks who refuse to extend their gaze beyond now and consider what the end result of these poor policies will be. With the aggregated abilities of his cabinet ministers we have a net of Zero good accomplished for the people.

Our Losses:    Huge tracts of public lands that will be devastated by commercial drilling                              and mining.

Theft (yet again) of native American lands

Economic downturn due to poor fiscal policies

Cooperative  partnerships with long time allies

An Impartial Federal Judiciary from local to the high court

Disruption of normalcy (such as it is) in the Federal Government

Just to name a few. The remedy is  intelligent and well informed voters no matter the party preference (given the polarization, this may not be best practice).


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