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Recent and ongoing rantings of TOTUS have further shown the ineptness of this administration and it’s titular head. The failure of TOTUS to do his job as a National leader was inevitable from the first day. Every rollback of Obama anything regardless of the long and short term effects on the country as a whole and individuals in general has dire consequences. The egocentric actions of TOTUS has alienated us from trusted allies and allowed long time adversaries to rise exponentially. As the current health pandemic continues, TOTUS has threatened to quarantine some and restricted medical supplies to others primarily due to his dislike of the Governors and other administrative officials. The state of this  emergency is essentially the result of TOTUS’ ignorance on the subject and his inability to listen to experts on the subject. It is clear that any situation that does not afford a platform for his “genius” is unimportant (paper towels for Puerto Rico). After trying to urge “normalcy” in this Pandemic, TOTUS has failed to lead and thereby exacerbated the situation while pointing fingers at anyone he can including the Obama administration (which put in place a NSC playbook to deal with this type of situation after the Ebola and Flu out breaks). TOTUS ignored that playbook which gave guidelines as to how to deal with just this type of situation and reduced the funding for the CDC. There appears to be no other reason for TOTUS’ actions or lack of other than ineptitude or his own need to be the most important person for which we all bear the ill effects of.


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