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TOTUS rode into office on low voter turnout and immediately began his live streaming of lies, innuendo and poor governance. The worst elements of the Congress immediately latched onto his ineptitude and used that to conjure up their own “shadow” government based on purely party and self serving politics. It became apparent that TOTUS was under water as his work habits did not coincide with how the rest of the government and the wider world works. The job of President is 24-7 and consists of READING and Listening to experienced and experts in their respective fields, not on air pundits and opinionators. There is no substitute for first hand information especially when you have to interact with world leaders and the people whom you were elected to serve. There is no automatic input of knowledge, this job requires work and effort of the kind that brings different opinions not just opinions that you like. Accusations, wild rants and fights with world leaders, reporters is not a reasonable course of action for a leader which really tells more about your shortcomings and the inability to grow into the job. There is no light bulb type idea situation here just the ability to listen and understand what is being presented in order to make informed decisions. Any person with average intelligence (or even below) has the ability to understand this concept, yet it seems to have eluded you.


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