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TOTUS and his allies abetted by a “BOTCH” McConnell Senate has resolutely taken us down a path of continued fiscal irresponsibility. The “Conservative” Congress has shown that being conservative is great for sound bites and garnering votes while secret personal deals are made on the backs of the voters. We (the United States ) will be in debt for many years to come, the way out is a clear understanding of how government works and spend the tax dollars we  (voters) provide. The math of Government spending and taxing is not simple and often impossible to balance since the political parties can’t seem to get out of politicking mode long enough to do the job they are supposed to do. In simple terms: We (voters) pay taxes to supply the money to run the government. The people we elect are supposed to spend this money responsibly but politics get in the way since outside interests (lobbyists) push and sway the actions of these elected officials. Now with the CVID-19 pandemic it is worse. We’re at the mercy of a consummate liar and scam artist whos sole purpose his own image and edification. While TOTUS is stroking himself in any way that he can think of , the leadership falls to no one and anyone. The sole purpose of the current cabinet members appears to be doing the bidding of an uninformed leader no matter the  crucial effect on the citizens and their lives. It is easy to express the failures of this administration but the need is now to use the power of the ballot to put us on a corrective course with a new leader. Keep in mind that an informed voter, no matter your politics has more power than a party line voter.


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