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Ride the lie and falsehood train until you can’t. Recently TOTUS stated he has been taking a dubious drug: Despite testing negative, Trump told reporters he has been taking the drug in combination with other medicines for a “couple of weeks.” That is around the same time the first two cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the White House.

Apparently The TOTUS “lie train” can’t stop at any station. This latest is dangerous especially to to his loyal supporters who somehow believe he is truthful. His callousness has the power to cause the deaths of many people who follow him and for some reason find him truthful. Contrary to popular belief “Dead” people do not vote. The biggest con in the United States at this time is this Administration. If as voters we are unwilling to see through the fog of Trump then we are sure to begin a long time recession which affects ALL of us. There is no some of the people affected and some not, it is all of us to some degree. Just because the ill effects do not hit some as much as others does not mean it is OK. All of us need to be healed from this political farce of a Presidency.


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