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After conducting (orchestrating?) his  press conferences with the normal unverified statements TOTUS has brought on a fresh face with same and some new  unverified statements. That being said: Where is the proof that mail in votes are subject to fraud? Again TOTUS just makes stuff up to call attention to himself and his causes. It has been proven that States with mail in balloting have proper safeguards such as verification of the sender, bar codes which cannot be duplicated (so no one is printing and mailing ballots on a wholesale level). The purpose of these statements is to depress the voting, the fewer people that vote, the better TOTUS has a chance of winning. The 2016 election proved that. If as a voter you are not looking at the effects of this administration’s actions for now and the future then you could possibly be a candidate to purchase a bridge that crosses San Francisco bay! Many of us fail to realize that all legislation, executive orders do not take effect immediately but when they do, they have a lasting effect far into the future until they are repealed  or modified. the key to good government is good representation. The party lines are not good for us when those lines do not include the desires and needs of ALL of the voters. It is unfortunate that we as voters have put our hopes and dreams in the hands of miscreants masquerading as people of honor until they get in office or do we?


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