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“I’m not a shame person, but man, I want future generations to look back on us and say, ‘Look how hard they tried,’ not ‘Look at how blind they were.’”

Jacqueline Novogratz
Towards a Moral Revolution

These last four years have shown how broken our political system is. We have become so jaded and apparently oblivious to the activities of our elected officials that we are surprised at their actions. This is not new business but old business renewed. This is the same types of actions that occurred after the “War Between The States”, during and after WWII and more recently the middle east. We now have the “greatest show on earth” playing before us with all of the associated acts. We have a leader who at best is  uninformed and is abetted by 535 neer do wells who mouth homilies to appease us. During all of this are the lesser imps who dream up and institute the evils that will excite the leader and keep him engaged. This method of governing is at once inept and dangerous with effects lasting for years to come. Bear in mind that leaders lead and fakers fake!


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