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Apparently placing restrictions on all large gatherings to slow the spread of  COVID 19 is a threat to Religious freedom or is it. The Thomas More Society in Illinois sued the Governor over the restrictions on mass gatherings in order to slow and hopefully curtail death from a pandemic that has resulted in 100,000 deaths that we know of across the nation. I do not recall asking this group to represent me, did you? Everyone in the United States is affected by this Pandemic and no one is happy about it so why is this religious subgroup advocating for the opportunity to increase the spread of an illness under the guise of religious freedom? Be wary of groups making statements in your name without your permission.MA

May 28  5:50 p.m. NPR Illinois
Churches Free To Gather. Gov. Recommends Against It

Governor JB Pritzker Thursday announced new guidance for churches and places of worship.   It comes as he faces multiple lawsuits over his ban on gatherings of more than ten people.

Pritzker now says faith leaders should try to limit attendance to a quarter of a building’s capacity or 100 attendees, whichever is lower, along with social distancing.

“We’re not providing restrictions. We’re simply providing the best recommendations that we can for keeping people safe so we hope that the pastor will follow those got that guides and those recommendations for his services, his or her services,” he said.

The Illinois Department of Public Health is still calling for outdoor or remote services when possible, along with cleaning protocols.

The conservative Thomas More Society responded to the changes by claiming victory and saying Pritzker used the pandemic “to stomp on the religious liberty of the people of Illinois.”


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