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Roxburgh’s goal was to develop students with good character and moral courage, young men that would be “acceptable at a dance and invaluable in a shipwreck.”

It is clear to me that goal was not achieved with our current administration and the Neer do well Congress that supports him. There is little blame to be placed on his voting supporters as they as many of us have been spoofed by our elected officials and the certain parts of the news media. Looking at the current chain of events from 2016 until now, we are, in the vernacular of many “deep Dodo”. This administration has created havoc around the world through withdrawal from climate and trade pacts, assessing tariffs on countries for no other reason than the thinly veiled racism. Pounding our southern neighbors through returning and requiring immigrants to remain there until their number is called ( often years at this point), building a wall that has no effect aside from encroaching on American land owners while at the same time cutting their  farms in half. There is no Rhyme or reason to this administration other than the aggrandizement of this President and his cohorts. All of the executive orders and barely legal actions of the administration abetted by the GOP members of Congress have served only to incite the divide created by a lackluster Congress and gleefully joined by TOTUS. This scam of a Presidency has brought shame on all United States citizens but is acknowledged only by the citizens who have the wherewithal to recognize and embrace the multi nationality that made America in spite of the hundreds of years of inequality. If you are afraid of folks who are different or do not look like you then you are in the wrong country as this has been the case for the existence of the United States. If you allow the status quo to continue we will always have inept and criminal representation in government.


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