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“In the United States of America, all of us are equal under the law. Period. Say that as loud as you can”-Tucker Carlson.

This quote from a monologue by Mr. Carlson taken alone would indicate that he is a centrist or a liberal mined person. If you read the entire statement you will find that Mr. Carlson has not changed but issued a convoluted statement that says nothing of import or different that what he says daily. There are several on air personalities who side and perhaps adore the current administration and the leaders(?) thereof. The only thing as citizens we can and should do is to get to the polls to elect representatives who will do the job of representing us all “EQUALLY!”. We have had many years of  mealy mouthed office seekers who in the end have their own interests in mind along with what ever their party’s goal’s are no matter the detriment to the voters whom they “swore” on a bible to serve honestly. It should be clear to all that as voters and citizens that we are under attack from inside our own government by the  very people we elected. TOTUS and Bitch McConnell separately have “greased the already slippery slope of anarchy which will (if we let it) cause more division. The action or inaction in the current pandemic is the best indicator of how poor this administration and his abettors have served us.


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