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A counter to Black Lives Matter has been  All Lives Matter. If indeed all lives matter or mattered, then there would be no need for  Black Lives matter. This is point not made by anyone that I am aware of. It is heartening to see the diverse population  at the various rallies yet our Neer do well Congress cannot or will not pay heed to the streets that are crowded with voters of all colors and hues (I omitted Race as we are all human). I submit that since our “representatives” are not listening to us then we need to either supply them with “hearing aids” like marches, rallies and votes. It long overdue for All lives to matter and elect people who follow the mandates of the people and not their own interests and large donors. In The upcoming election there needs to be a referendum on the majority party since they seemingly blindly follow the party line (and TOTUS) against the interest of the people who voted them in. Their participation in the actions of this sham Administration while continuing their  own actions against the public interest is reason enough to put new people in place and work towards limiting their time in office. If all lives matter then voting against long time servers who have not served with honor should be a no brainer.


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