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The removal of Confederate remembrances and  statues has been a source of national uproar both pro and con. The facts are: The civil war was a rebellion and as such a armed action against the United States. An Armed insurrection against the country is the act of Traitors and therefore treason according to the law. The celebration of traitors is not and never has been a good look for a country that touts it’s freedoms for all. This country was born out of insurrection but we failed as a country to treat the native Americans and the enslaved (stolen) Americans as people. The biases implicit and specific against all non whites in America has brought us no peace and has been exacerbated by the election of TOTUS. Our neer do well Congress has abetted this incompetent administration while lining their own pockets in the name of their constituents. It is incumbent on all of us to educate our selves on what this Administration is and has done (in our names) while feeding us the deadly Kool aid of racism and division. It is the right of everyone to have an opinion on whatever they want but the lack of facts in that opinion is pure ignorance and small minded. We as voters  should be required to learn our REAL history  as early as kindergarten. Once all citizens of this country understand our real collective history we should be able to make realistic choices on who represents all of us.


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