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Has anyone noticed in the pursuit of freedom many groups political, non political, religious and non religious to name a few have spent and still are spending millions of dollars to push their personal agendas on everyone else. To list  them by name would take up this page and several others. Since America ( the United States) is touted as the home of the brave and the land of the free, why is it that these groups are working hard to install judges who they hope will change or install laws that fit their agenda? The end result of any law enacted or changed affects ALL Americans. Judges by the name of their position are supposed to be neutral arbiters of the law- in other words a neutral party whose politics and personal opinions are supposed to be left outside the courtroom. Currently “Bitch” McConnell is busily installing judges that he deems will follow “his idea of conservatism”. This is all occurring as TOTUS keeps spouting or touting himself as the nations savior(?). Essentially “Bitch” is using “45” as a cover for his political activities which are not in the public’s interests and will hurt us for years to came. As voters we have to become well informed and look at the “fine print” as our elected officials are selling us down the river for the sake of their parties and to hell with the voters!


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