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Unless I am reading and seeing different information, this administration is conducting an “HUTA” operation on behalf of an uninformed leader. “HUTA” is an acronym for “Heads UP Their Asses” The recent and ongoing mishandling of government is aided and abetted by a cadre of minions whose apparent function is to do what TOTUs wants in spite of their “good” judgement or doing what they want to accomplish according to their personal and ill informed information. This administration has spent more time tweeting rather than administering for the good of ALL citizens no matter the race. There is no excusing the loss respect and the economic down turn brought on by the misfeasance of the 45the Presidency. The poor judgements and actions of this administration has affected all voters even if some cannot understand the long term effects or perhaps refuse to. It is well to remember the baser members of our Congress are enjoying the cover provided by this administration for their nefarious actions. We all strive to be informed but we fail to migrate to more than a single source for information. Please do not become a HUTA member.


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