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Why are we listening to a ego driven conman when to comes to public health? The nation is in a pandemic that is just barely contained due to the fractured methods of addressing it. This is a situation requiring Federal leadership which we do not have nor can we expect to have until possibly after November 2020. It is troubling to say the least that the person with the biggest platform is so ignorant of the facts and continues to spout whatever nonsense that pops into his head as long as he “believes” it makes him look good. We as a country have surrendered in some cases to the “whims” of a Con artist for it’s entertainment value and we are now paying a high cost for it. The manic emanations from Washington D.C. have taken over the airwaves and undermined the facts that would if left alone could save a lot of lives. There will be no normal until the medical professionals can be allowed to make their case unfettered by the misinformation stream from the uninformed and the accompanying bobble heads.


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